Test per líaccesso ai corsi di Inglese.




rispondi alle seguenti domande selezionando la risposta che ritieni giusta. 

In caso di dubbio seleziona comunque una risposta, 

Ť necessario rispondere a tutte le domande.



1) Chris works as .... engineer.



2) .... she like spaghetti? 



3) The children .... in the garden at the moment.



4) Is this your pen? No, I think itís .... .



5) There are two .... in the room.



6) Look at .... shoes over there!



7) .... a computer?



8) I don't ....  television.



9) Did you .... the exam?



10) We .... a great barbecue yesterday, about twenty people came.



11) The phone rang while she .... the meal.



12) I .... from Parma to New York.



13) There isnít .... butter in the fridge.



14) Spanish is .... than English.



15) Do you .... to wear a uniform in your school?



16) I'm not .... my brother.



17) Linda and I have known each other .... high school.



18) She really enjoyed the disco. It was great, .... ?



19) I would like .... about the course.



20) .... I got out of bed, I knew I was too sick to go to work.



21) .... to the States yet?



22) How .... flour do we need for the recipe?



23) I still havenít decided. I think I .... stay at home and study.



24) He asked me when .... in the country.



25) If it rains tomorrow, I .... at home.



26) Irene is going to college .... a good job†after she†graduates†



27) Despite .... our first match, we won the tournament.



28) The tour guide .... us we should stay here.



29) We .... an umbrella because it didnít rain in the end.



30) Rossella, .... is seventeen, succeeded in buying a packet of cigarettes last Saturday.



31) When I saw Frank last night he was tired, he .... a party the night before.



32) If I had had the chance to marry Prince William, I .... here now



33) Water consists .... hydrogen and oxygen.



34) I wish you .... to help out around the house.



35) By the time Tom got to the airport, the plane .... .



36) Jason .... new grass in front of his yard because bugs had killed his old lawn.



37) Most foreigners in Britain .... on the left.



38) My sister used the money she won to set .... her own business.



39) He is going to go out and .... .



40) John was out of breath because .... .





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